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OutKast Training Programs:

$39.99 USD / month

Basic Programming

This is 4 day week program designed with the new to intermediate lifter in mind. It was built to make learning and understanding the program easy, to get you strong under safe and effective conditions while utilizing the 4 main lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Strict Press) as the base of the program.

$59.99 USD / month

Basic Programming + Weekly Video Analysis

This is the same greatly built program as the “Basic Program” with the added benefit of having a weekly breakdown of each of your lifts by video. Our coach will analysis the lift and send you a video back telling you how to fix it and where your problems are.

$89.99 USD / month

Custom Program + Weekly Video Analysis

This is a custom built program specific to your needs and weaknesses. You tell us your goals and how often you can train and we build a workout program to match. Weekly video breakdowns help make sure we’re on the right path.


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$5.00 USD

Product Name

$5.00 USD

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$5.00 USD