About OutKast Athletics

OutKast Athletics was started by Jeremiah Hilterbrand and Daniel Mullins after seeing a need in the industry for individualized training. Realizing one size doesn’t fit all, they wanted to create a unique training facility to help find what people enjoyed doing and let them pick what sport to follow. After opening a couple different Functional Fitness training centers and working with countless athletes and clients, Jeremiah realized over the years people had different movements they were passionate about that would make them excel at a different sport and thought those people should be able to do what they were good at. In the training atmosphere we have created, you can come in without a clue of what you like and try out a variety of sports, get trained in those areas and eventually figure out which one best fits you. If you don’t like cardio and just want to lift weights you can do Weightlifting (Olympic lifting), Powerlifting or a combination or both with a Supertotal program. If you like hi intensity, you can do our Functional training, just want to get strong and lean without having a lot of mobility, Powerlifting will help with that. No matter what you’re good or bad at or want to get better at thats what were here to find out and help you accomplish.
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